Five months ago…

I mentioned that I started a blog back in March, but only made the initial entry. Five months have passed, so I’ve decided to repost that entry and assess our efforts since then.

March 04, 2010: “Well I’ve decided to start keeping a journal regarding the healthy lifestyle changes that my family and I are making. Okay, okay… the kids didn’t really choose it. They are innocent bystanders who will benefit, but probably not appreciate it until they’re much older. Or maybe they’ll always resent the fact that they couldn’t eat candy and junk food the way all of their friends did. “Nobody else’s mom makes them eat healthy food!” “So and so’s mom lets them have potato chips for lunch”… or cupcakes or chocolate sundaes with candy and nuts and sprinkles and fudge… I know there are people (including my husband) who believe eating these things are a child’s right of passage. I was one of them. But I don’t believe I’m the only mom that is trying to get her kids to eat healthier.

Let me get back to the idea that kids are supposed to eat candy and junk food. I disagree, sort of. I think EVERYONE should eat a little junk food every now and then. But I think we need to reform our idea of what junk food really is. I want my kids to learn it now and not when they are 30-ish. I’ve set the bar so low for junk food. To me junk food used to mean potato chips and soda and things filled with saturated fat and high fructose corn syrup and a list of ingredients that make even a well read adult feel like they’re back in kindergarten. “Mono…sodium…glu-ta-mate…and guan-yl-ate”? If those are junk foods then things like chocolate chip cookies made with real sugar and applesauce instead of high fructose corn syrup and saturated fat are “healthy”. And by those standards, almond butter cookies made with honey, whole wheat flour and flax seed meal are the tofu of deserts. What I used to think were junk foods, I now think of as toxic. Yes they are yummy. I know my kids will eat them (against my better judgment) when I’m not around and occasionally when I am. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to avoid them forever, but I am going to set the bar high. I’m going to attempt it. If I do fall off the wagon, I’m going to jump back on. I’m not going to make excuses anymore and I’m not going to give up.”

We didn’t give up!! Yay us! B not only jumped on board, but encouraged me to continue making more and more healthy changes. I doubt this challenge would have been possible without that kind of support. Especially when it comes to the kids! Lulu has also embraced this lifestyle. Maybe it’s because she just really wants to please Mom and Dad. Doesn’t matter. She eats nearly every vegetable we put on her plate and will try nearly any new food I dish up. Lele and Lolo, on the other hand, are still my picky eaters. Unless it resembles one of about ten of her favorite foods, Lolo won’t even touch it. But she’s young and I’m somewhat more experienced with picky eaters, thanks to Lele, so I don’t push her… yet.

Now, as for Lele, she absolutely hates to try new things and isn’t afraid to tell you how gross something looks or tastes (in detail and sometimes with inappropriate descriptions for the dinner table). However, within the last month, she has turned a corner. Though she’s sick and tired of all this healthy eating, she’s growing up. Her tastes are slowly maturing. She’s gradually eating more and more healthily. And even though she would rather we go back to our former eating habits, she gets it. She understands that this is a good thing that we’re doing. A “thank you bite” has gone from a small nibble to regular sized bite, and she’ll actually eat a reasonable sized portion of some vegetables now. The other day, while eating a lightly sauteed red pepper, she said “Mom, I think making me eat vegetables is working. I can actually eat these now and it’s okay.” She quickly followed that with, “BUT I’m not saying I like it. I just don’t mind eating it.” In my head I did a little victory dance. It may have been small step, but it was in the right direction!!


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Wife and Mom of three girls doing her best to lead the family into a healthier lifestyle and evolve gracefully.

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