Holidays on Whole Food

First – It’s almost Halloween, so here’s a little treat: Organic Valley Dairy Coupons and Free Apples from Earth Fare and more Earth Fare Coupons.

I can’t believe Halloween is two days away. It seems fall just arrived. Then again, yesterday at the elementary school, there were leaves on the floor. You know fall is in full swing when leaves are blown and tracked inside buildings. This is my favorite time of the year!! I absolutely L.O.V.E. the holidays. I’m the one who starts listening to holiday music on November 1st, the one who almost can’t wait for Halloween to be over so we can get on with the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Spending time with family, good will, holiday decorations and preparations, the music and traditions… I get goosebumps thinking about it!!

The next few holidays are centered around food, so of course this excites me! I’m looking forward to holiday cooking and baking with real food. But it does lead me to wonder how am I going to stick to my whole food, non-processed, no conventional meat, low sugar and refined carbs lifestyle at potluck family dinners? I was thinking of buying a free-range turkey from the farmers market, but changed my mind when I figured up the price. At $6.00 a pound, that’s about $120 for a turkey. I might spring for this once a year, if I knew that it’s superior quality and taste would be appreciated by someone other than me. And if it were served with equally fresh, local vegetables and sides to honor the bird.

It’s really a bit odd how cheap whole turkeys are in the stores this time of year – $0.49 or even $0.29 per pound. A conventional 20 pound turkey will only set you back about $6 to $10. (If you have 10 to 15 guests, that’s $1 or less per person for the main protein.) Isn’t that just a bit strange? Especially considering the costs of feeding, raising and processing, packaging, storing and transporting a turkey? It’s life and all of the resources used to get it to your table is priced at $6 to $10. Really?

So what’s a whole-foods girl and her family to do at family gatherings? I’m not sure yet, but I’m open to suggestions. I know I’ll probably eat very little meat and dessert and try to pick out the most “whole-some” foods offered. I’m not sure whether the temptation will be too great. I don’t really miss that sort of food. I’m more worried that I’ll feel obligated to eat (or at least plate) the offerings so as not to offend anyone or draw attention to myself. The rest of my family, especially the girls, will eat with reckless abandon and take full advantage of the processed, sugar filled cornucopia. I wish I could say I have a plan for that, but I don’t  – yet.

I do have a plan for Halloween. I’m going to buy as much of their Halloween booty as they are willing to part with. I’ll conveniently remind them that they’re going to need money if they want to go see the new Harry Potter (coming out November 19th). We are usually pretty strict about how much they are allowed to eat daily anyway. (Between Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter, our candy bowl never runs dry around here.) So limiting what they do keep, won’t necessarily be a problem.

But as for the rest, I’ll just take it in stride. I’m not the least bit worried that our new food philosophy will take the happy out of the holidays. The joy from it will easily overshadow little hiccups. We’ll cross each bridge when we get to it. While I would like to say my kids will make wise choices, they probably won’t. They’re kids. It’s my job to do that for a few more years…


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