Liver Experiments

I find it interesting that in the wild, carnivorous animals typically eat organ meat first. Sometimes, when food is not scarce, they even leave the rest for scavengers. Organs are the most nutritionally packed meat.  And this year, I decided we are going to try and add it to our diet.

We tried (for kicks really) some turkey organs from our pastured turkey a couple of months ago. Not good. The liver and gizzards were not good at all, though I did boil them (along with the carcass to make a really nourishing broth). The heart, admittedly wasn’t that bad. The texture and taste was similar to dry, gamier, dark meat. Linsey even took several small bites. I just couldn’t get past the idea that I was eating a heart.

I believe just about any food can be made to taste good (or at least palatable) if you find the right recipe – except BEEF LIVER! The first time I spit it out all over the place the second it hit my tongue. Then I had to gargle whatever I was drinking at the time to get the taste out of my mouth. In my mind, I slipped right back to grade school and found myself in the cafeteria at Windsor Park Elementary. I remember covering it with a napkin because it looked and smelled so bad. It’s no wonder they don’t serve liver in school (at least around here) anymore. It tastes just as bad as I remember. I soaked it in lemon juice overnight and then used a liver and onion recipe that looked tasty… but it wasn’t.

I tried again a few days ago and… it’s still nasty – although I didn’t spit it out right away this time. I finished the bite, but then gargled with my red wine to get the taste out. Worked like a charm. This time I soaked it in buttermilk instead, which many websites said was the key. I also used a slightly different recipe with a sauce made from the pan juices, Worcestershire and lemon juice. It smelled pretty good when it was cooking and it looked… okay it still looked a little off.

Luckily Izzy really loves it. I put in the refrigerator and I’m giving her a few pieces each day. She likes it so much I thought I might even buy it for her regularly, since it’s inexpensive.

But then last night we cooked steaks in the same cast iron skillet and guess what. My beautiful ribeyes (rib-eyes, rib eyes?), tasted like liver.  The kids didn’t notice and I didn’t bother pointing it out. They even asked for seconds. I managed to eat it, but it was ruined. I hope Izzy likes liver flavored steak.

My next attempt was going to be a liver pate, but I think I’ve had enough for the time being. I really wanted to like it, but I’m just going to have to table that organ for now.


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