Less Is More

Spring is less than a month away and I’m itching for spring cleaning. This year is going to be different and it will probably take the entire 3 months of spring to get it done. That’s my goal anyway. By summer, I expect to cut down the number of “things” in our house down to the bare necessities and things we love. It’s going to be tough for this pack rat, but I know in the end I’m going to be happier. I’m going to show myself and the family a little tough love to get rid of some of the stuff that is holding us back. By stuff I don’t just mean things, but also too many obligations and appointments and stuff that wastes time, like watching T.V. and surfing the net.

The first step is taken care of. We downsized our T.V. package plan and I’ve cleaned out the DVR. One of my guilty pleasures is Bravo TV. I love the Housewives and Top Chef and have to admit that I didn’t think about the fact that we were canceling the channel in the middle of the Top Chef season. I ran to the computer to see if you can watch full episodes and… you can’t. At least not right away. But guess what, after a few days I realized that it doesn’t mean as much to me as I thought it did.

I am also sick of this cycle: looking around at the clutter in disgust and moving it around to make it look less cluttered and more organized, just so it can all find it’s way back out again to the counter, the floor, the table, the dresser, the book shelf, the yard, the garage, my desk, etc. etc. etc. I want it gone! We really don’t need most of it. I’ve been holding on to things because we might need it or we occassionally use it. I hold on to things that fill up empty spaces. I don’t want to buy new things, so I save the old ones just in case. I’m a hoarder and I’m raising little hoarders. Not like the ones you see on T.V. More like an everyday, run of the mill, socially acceptable version. No more. There is a minimalist in me that is screaming to get out and take control. And I’m going to let her.

The next step is to come up with a plan, literally. I’m writing it down and keeping a schedule. Every family member will be involved. The kids have already been warned. They will get to choose 5 of their favorite toys and what happens to the rest is up to me and Brian. They are going to fight it and they’re going to be really angry, but I’m confident that they’ll get over it quickly and appreciate it a few months from now.

We’re going to have a super-huge-enormous garage sale at the end of spring. I’m going to let the girls set up their own “department” and they will get to keep the money they earn. All of it. Even if they earn more than me, which is entirely possible since a lot of the clutter is kid stuff. We’ll unload some stuff on craig’s list or ebay and give stuff away. Whatever is left will not sit in a future yard sale box or storage. Instead it will be donated. Tough love. I will not let the pack rat win.

I’m already looking forward to a clutter-free, lighter and laid back  summer. Goodbye pack rat. Hello simple life.


About Michele
Wife and Mom of three girls doing her best to lead the family into a healthier lifestyle and evolve gracefully.

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